3 ways to make money with KTO



Email or Share our Newsletter to your contacts and receive a commission check on sales


  • Fill out our registration form.
  • You will receive confirmation and instructions within 1 business day.
  • KTO will provide you with a monthly newsletter with a discount code via email that you will then send to your email list.
  • Every time your friends and family purchase products at the KTO website using your discount code, you will receive a commission on sales.
  • KTO will send you your commission check by the 15th of the following month.
  • It’s that Easy!

Commission Breakdown:

Sell $1 - $199 10%
Sell $200 - $499 15%
Sell $500 - $799 20%
Sell $800 - $1,000 25%
Sell $1,001+ 30%

Example of Selling 100 Deodorants at $11.00 a piece:
100 x $11.00 = $1,100.00 you make $330.00

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Healthy Beauty


Sell our cutting edge natural & organic skincare and cosmetics online, or in-home at a party

COST TO YOU: Price of Selected Kit

  • Fill out our registration form.
  • You will receive confirmation and instructions within 1 business day.
  • You will have access to a private shop where you can select your kits:
    Skincare + Deodorant,
    Platinum or Gold Lip Gloss Kits
    So So Happy Beauty
  • Invite your friends over and have fun while making extra money and spreading the word about the importance of natural and organic skincare & cosmetics.
  • We will send you Kelly’s video that you can show at your party and supply you with the training manuals for each product.
  • You will have KTO products available for people to try.
  • You will submit orders on the KTO website using your custom promotion code so you can take credit for the sales and receive your 35% commission.
  • You will receive a commission check each month from KTO for every purchase you send through using your promotion code.
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a Retailer


Get ready to start making money by selling KTO products in your online or on site store


Join the other many stores who carry the KTO brand by filling out our application. We will then send you our wholesale order form for you to get our products at the discounted rate.

* This plan requires you to have a reseller license.
* Minimum wholesale order: $200.

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