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Cancer Prevention Made Easy : PERFUME

So I always cringe when I see someone doing this very risky mistake. I love perfume and wear it everyday, but after learning that there can be up to 2500 cancer causing or endocrine disrupting ingredients in perfume, and going through Thyroid Cancer, the risk is just not worth it. The base of the front of your neck is wear your Thyroid sits, your inner wrists lead directly into your blood stream, you don't want to spray your toxic perfume right into your endocrine system because the chronic exposure to those chemicals will wreak havoc on your health.
KTO Cancer Prevention Tip.
Spray your perfume on your clothes only. Take a breath before you spray so you aren't inhaling at the same time that you spray. This will protect your lungs.
By applying your perfume this way you smell beautiful and protect your health from chronic exposure to toxic chemicals.


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October 19, 2015 by Kelly Teegarden

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